Hello Minifreaks round the world,

because our Miniclub Upperaustria is now 10 years old, we think it`s time for doing our own newspaper.

Specially because our club is organising a big national meeting in this year (and maybe also a big international meeting in two years) we`ll tell you from our events and meetings during the year ago. Also we`ll try to become known better by other Minifreaks in Europe.

You`ll find in this paper short reports about our clubmeetings, a report of the "Mini" wedding of Berni and some stories about meetings we`ve visited in foreign countries.

But you have to know - this is our first trial in doing a newspaper, for the future we have a lot of ideas for the next issues. Only for example, we`re planning the possibility of doing advertisment for spareparts (new and pre-owned), a workshop round the Mini and also information regarding all upcoming events. The content of this newspaper covers not only activities from the Miniclub Upperaustria, there are also articles from the other Austrian Miniclubs with their reports. Also we`ll launch the content of the paper to the Internet to give all people the possibility to share our thoughts.

We`re shure, we have a lot to do, but the Winter lasts long in Austria and we`ll avail of the time meaningful.

But now, have a lot of fun with our first edition of the MINICLUB-NEWS !

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