Take a walk on the wild side - cartracing
Pasching (18.4.98)

After an discussion about more then one year, we`re finally ready to take some laps with a Gocart.
We met at our club-restaurant, where we made a long time overdue photo of all Miniclubmembers and then we went to the cart-area. After a long discussion with the lady at the entrance, we got a club-rate and we wondered what to happen next.

gokart.jpg (11384 Byte)

After the consumption of some drinks (for getting courage) we received the special clothes and then the organizer showed us a Video with the rules for racing. And then..... the first team started.

It was an special experience, to drive a car smaller than a Mini, but handling better and reacting faster. After some minor problems at the beginning, it was very funny and interesting, we had a thrilling race till the end.

After the last team had finished the race because some run out of money or their strenght last not enough (unbelievable, but the steering is much more direct than in the Mini), we went again back to our club-restaurant for some cool beers, beeing certain, that this event will be repeated in the future. Maybe with our own cars now ??????

Christian Schwendtner


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