The (mini)wedding
Vorchdorf (22.8.98)

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We got the invitation for his wedding of Humer Bernhard with Marion in the middle of July. August 22nd at 11:30 hours is appointment in the registry office Vorchdorf. Of course we were represented by the mini club almost completely again. Leaving for Vorchdorf, rendezvous for all mini drivers was the parking lot "Spar-Markt".

First the Minis were adorned with sunflowers on the hoods, heart balloons and colored ribbons at the aerials. While the wedding couple already was in the registry office, we stand up the Minis at the place in front of the local authority. Also the exam, whether both are suitable for the marriage became prepared. Philip, a good friend of our club, came extra to this solemnity with his wife from England -- he must because he was the witness of Berni.

After the ceremony the married couple was congratulated. These then had to prove both that they go together. With a saw a piece of squared timber had to be sawed through, which has worked terrifically.
Then a special task for the groom: One "takes 6 eggs, separates egg white and yolk and beats egg-snow" with a little eggbeater. Also this wasn't really a problem for the couple.

Now but off into the inn to the banquet. The bride and groom was driven in the open mini convertible - we had luck with the weather because on the day before and in the late evening it rained currents.
The column of 10 - with English flags adorned - Minis and the vehicles of the other guests excited some sensation on the journey..

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The afternoon and evening in the inn got quite comfortable at music and dance. Our wedding present consisted of hugging balloons, filled with money for the honeymoon to Italy. Over the heads of the bride and groom became the balloons burst and Berni and Marion stood in the money rain.

We wish the young family all best and good luck for the future.

Silvia Schaufler


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