IMM 98 – Morges
Switzerland (29.-31.5.98)

So that the journey to Morges in Switzerland paid off, we went on another short vacation in Italy before. We made an excursion to Venice before, we spent four days in Jesolo. It then went on crossways over Lake Garda along the Lago Maggiore in direction of Switzerland in which -- as it spares the whole time before -- poured. We already had the fears that the IMM will get out of control in Morges, like the meeting some years in Netherlands ago, into a "mudslinging". For this reason we went into the first shoe store in Switzerland on our way and bought us- rubber boots.
But see as the nearer to Morges we came the weather becames finer. By the good labelling it wasn't hard to find the rendezvous. There was two announcements -- a stand for Germans and one for the rest of the world, in which the Swiss didn't count us as one of the Germans and therefore we Austrians got an English program.

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The Hungary "Tigermini" sorgte fr Aufsehen

At the end of the camping site had Christl and Walter Denk already reserved a quiet place for the Austrians. After we had built up our tent, we found out the gigantic area and waited for the remaining Austrians in vain.
We crept away into our tent soon to be fit and had a good sleep for the next day, tired by the long journey. The sleep was not granted us, because our tent was lit up brightly by two Mini-headlamps by midnight. Loud engine noise followed and our store attacked a wild horde. We recognized at the voices anyway that it was only the remaining Austrians. Since they had overestimated the crossing of the Alps, they arrived with ample delay. Through this one, enough after the non-stop-journey growed hungry, still in the night they have grilled at headlight light. To sleep, only hours later, had to be thought again.
The sun laughed firmly the next day, what encouraged some of us to a bath in icy-cold Lake Geneva.
On Saturday festive atmosphere was in Morges at the feast area and there was some games and conversations. Also we tried some out. Bernhard and his father put her knowledge with the special Mini under proof. Walter sat inside, gave gas and brake, but sawanythingand Bernhard sat on the roof, steered, but was only able to speak via a phone to his father to give hime advice for the gas and brakeing. Steering was very particular by the high translation the steering wheel was aggravated. The slalom journey was particularly funnily for the spectators, because the communication showed to both difficultly as outermost.
morges3.jpg (13327 Byte)Berni at "Spezialmini" Sightseeing flights were offered, we decided together with Christl and Walter to look at the meeting and Lake Geneva of above as on the area from a helicopter-. Only of above we saw the gigantic area on which more than one thousand Minis and innumerable people hurried up.
Still there was an acceleration racing, remotely controlled Minis and many mini storekeepers which offered her goods in front of the main tent.
In the afternoon there we were at this when a right mini wedding took place in which the bride dated from the Switzerland and the groom from England.
The dinner took place, in which a tent half was intended for the approx. 1600 participants of the IMM and the second half for visitors in a gigantic tent. We had noticed particularly, that the single table-rows were lettered with Mini-street names. The two chimney expenditure was organized very well so that all 1600 people had to eat something within an hour. The official part followed later with the present handing over of the mini clubs. After this we still invited Philip Splett, his wife and his friend to our club tent where, later, we still organized a barbecue under the umbrella.
In the next morning the great departure started and also we grabbed our things again and began the journey home, during Christl and Walter enjoyed the qiet again.
As route for the journey home we chose the way crossways over the Swiss Alps and at this we crossed among other things the Furka and the Alpespa which are both approx. 2500 m high.
The 25 years old Mini Estate made the whole journey without problems or and we are very proud on that.

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Renate Gaisbck / Bernhard Denk


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