We‘re travelling to England again! And we give you the possibility to join us. We‘ll do the Announcement to the meeting, booking of the ferry, we also plan the travelroute. If the interest is big enough, we‘ll visit also the original productionline of the Mini in Birmingham. If you‘re interested now to take part at the biggest Minimeeting worldwide, and this in funny and pleasing fellowship, then please fill out the attached announcementform or contact our club.
Please take care, that the organiser has given to us a very close announcementstop, and therefore we‘re not able to accept any booking after 28.3.99. Also you have to know, that only bookings from a official Miniclub will be accepted from the english organisers, it‘s not possible to enter the meeting without a booking!
As our club has very good international contacts and is therefore also perfectly informed regarding the latest news in the Miniscene, we‘re here for answering all your questions to the 3 major Minievents in August‘99 in GB.


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