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What is the Miniclub Obersterreich?

We are a registered Club, consisting of a open community with Minifreaks and Minidrivers, meeting every 2nd Friday at the clubpub (Volksheim Langholzfeld) to chat about our hobby, our minis or only to have fun.
The help for each other is the focus of our community, there is always somebody who is able to answer difficult questions around the Mini or solve some technical problems.
We are doing regular circular tours, winter tours, sledgetours and carnival evenings, visiting national and international Minimeetings, taking part at Oldtimerjumbles and organizing a big Minimeeting every 2nd year.

What is the gain to be a member of MCO?

* We‘re organising spareparts, which would be to expensive or to difficult to find
* We give you support on technical problems or questions (tuning...).
* Via the club we can arrange the annual inspection, repair of cars.
* Our members will receive special rates for their carinsurance and repair of their cars.
* heir cars. * We keep our members always informed regarding the latest news in meetings and tours throughout Europe.
* We organize every 2nd year a Minimeeting and also the travelling to other meetings national and international..


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