Czech mini meeting
Pilsen (28. - 30.8.98)

It was a cold, rainy Friday afternoon, as Peter with it`s girlfriend Michi, Bernhard and I drove off in Linz in direction of Budweis. In the late evening we then reached the camping site of "Ostende" in Pilsen where Klaus, Rumpi, Silvia and Bert, Christl and Walter already had built up an Austrian store and waited for us. Hungry after the long journey we didn't turn down the invitation of Klaus and warmedus on a varied soup cooked in his pot at the three-legged stool.

pilsen.jpg (31214 Byte)

Campingsite at the lake with our best "Pfadfinder" Peter.
General inspection of the most different Minis was announced on the next day. A slalom at which we of course joined with enthusiasm (unfortunately in the rain) took place. In the afternoon,as it stopped finally raining, the hosts still had dropped a particularly funny game himself: A steeplechase, in which two persons of a club could participate respectively. We were represented by Klaus and Rumpi at this. The competition insisted into this that every person alternately drives the other in a wheelchest, respectively on stilts then goes, with a boat rows and a barrel rolls. Of course this sporting activity contributed to the amusement of the spectators very much, primarilary a Czech team, this one were the "clowns" of the day.

All Minis started to a rally by Pilsen and surroundings a little later. Again became the column of Mini`s astonished by numerous people who stood at the roadside or looked from the window.
In the late afternoon Klaus and Bert collected wood in nearby woods, drove it to the camping site with the Mini and made a comfortable campfire again at which we warmed us at this already quite cool evening and grilled on a mini engine which was modified to a little barbecue.

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For fire you need much  wood.
While general departure was in the next morning, Bernhard and I still stayed two another days on the camping site.
We visited the city of Pilsen which impressed me with some splendid buildings very much. And we also gathered wood, filled the station wagon with that and in the evening boiled there, then since only more few guests had been left at the camping site, the little restaurant which was part of it simply had locked and we had nothing else left so we had to enjoy a hot soup and some grilled things at a romantic campfire.

The Czech mini meeting in Pilsen was organized by the hosts very well and therefore has liked us very well.

Renate Gaisbck


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