red_bull.gif (3047 Byte) Support of "RED BULL" for the Miniclub ?
Short time ago, we received as response to our miniclub-homepage a message from Mr. Gernot List, responsible person at Red Bull for the company`s Mini`s. In this message he asked for help by support, obtaining of spareparts and servicing for their advertising Mini`s.

After some phonecall`s Humer Bernhard and I got an appointment in Salzburg to meet Mr. List in person for discussing the problems. At this meeting, we arranged the servicing of all Red Bull-Mini`s via company Retschitzegger in Traun, the needed spareparts supplied by Bernhard Humer.

For our help, Red Bull confirmed us their support at events which are held by the miniclub and also to sell future wrecks of Red Bull cabrios to our club.

Some weeks later we had another meeting with Mr. List, in which he told us that he was not very satisfied in the cooperation with Mr. Retschitzegger, and as result of the problems with servicing the Mini`s the company is thinking of buying other cars instead of the existing ones - maybe the new beetle ?

Nevertheless this bad news, we`ve got the confirmation that for our big summer-meeting in `99 Red Bull will send us a full advertising team with Mini and free of charge drinks !


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