What a mess !
Ampflwang (1.8.98)

What a mess ! (Ampflwang, 1.8.98)

It was a hot summer-afternoon, as some Minidrivers met a Fred`s house.

Some Minifreaks from upperaustria where also there, but most of the guests came from Attnang-Puchheim and styria.
At the beginning was we was talking and drinking, everyone sat down in the big tent.

After a short while, we`ve seen the big mess .... a young pig on a barbecue was served and everybody was ale to eat as much as he liked. Because the pig was a little bit fat, Fred brought some homemade strong alcoholic liquors. Some womens made cakes and everybody tasted them, they also was excellent.

There also was good music, a young men with his Accordeon who also sung and told us jokes.

Renate Gaisbck

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