Mini-Meeting behind the former "Iron curtain"
(Debrecen, Hungary)

At thursday evening we drove from linz to Debrecen, which is in a distance of about 700 KM. The last 40KM where very terrible to drive, because the very bad street conditions and also the many lorries on the roads, which drove very fast and inconsiderate. After a long search we found the campingsite, where we was welcomed very friendly. There where some Hungarians, but we were the first foreigners arriving.
Altough it was raining very hard, we decided for staying in the tent, because the rooms to let was not so acceptable for us. During the day some people from Vienna arrived (Brigitte and Gerhard Mahlfleisch and Erich Hosza). The meal at the buffet and restaurant at the campingsite where very good.
In the afternoon we went for a walk through the city. There was a festival from some choirs from America, but also from Hungary.
ung_neu.jpg (16329 Byte)
ungarn10a.JPG (26315 Byte) At saturday, after breakfast all Mini`s started to a drive through the city Debrecen, with the escort of the police. The police closed the roads, so that the Mini`s had priority all the time - also the tramway had to stop!
Then all cars drove to a gas-station which was sponsoring the event. From this place, a mystery-rally started, which took the whole afternoon. At the various stations the drivers had to show their skill (throwing darts, various questions, finding Miniparts out of much other spareparts and so on).

After the race there was the inquiry of the winner, also every participant received a T-Shirt.
In the evening we sat around a big campfire. Near this there stand a big table, full of meals which was brought by the Hungarians to the meeting. By singing and laughing it was a very nice evening in Debrecen. The clubpresident of the Hungarian Miniclub was very pleased about our coffe, which we brought to him as a surprise from Austria.
After the breakfast on Sunday, the Hungarian clubpresident held a minute`s silence for Alec Issigonis. Following they started another tour through the city, but we didn`t took part of this, because we wanted to drive back to Austria again. Together with the participants from Vienna, we started our journey with direction Budapest. After a long time, we asked in a restaurant for the name of the town we`re crossing. They told us, that we are not fare away from the border to Ukraine. We didn`t believed it, but we had taken the wrong direction! After some hours more, we reached Budapest yet and after a short sightseeing tour we drove back to Austria. Near Vienna we said good-bye to Brigitte, Gerhard and Erich, then we made they way home to Linz.
Finally we want to tell you, that the Hungarians had a great kindness against guests and it was a really nice meeting there - hopefully many to follow the next years !

Christiane Denk


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