Mini-meeting Waldviertel
(June 98)

Because this time also God wasn`t at the side of Minidrivers, the boots, which I`ve bought a short time ago in Switzerland proved to be a succes. Why have it been always raining on the Waldviertel meetings? The organizers tokk pain with making the road to the campsite driveable for Minis, but the little wheels could corss the deep mud only with human help.
Inside of the big tent, Hwezda from vienna had built up his booth with Miniparts and next to him there where some cups on display waiting the proud winners.

The cooks already begun with cooking, they had two pans with a diameter of about 1,5-2 meters each! Everbody saw and smelled the cooking, because the food prepared smelled very good and so the hunger growed bigger and bigger.

waldv02.jpg (15266 Byte)
Schlammschlacht bem Waldviertler-Minitreffen

Because of the bad weather, most of the planned games had to be canceled. Instead of this, there was done a baghopping. Due to the many competitors, and also because most of them where flying instead of hopping with bag, it was very funny. After this the comfortable part with music and dance started until the night.
Also very exciting was the "Helicopter-Mini" standing in front of the tent - will it be flying ?

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Unfortunately the police punished owners of some cars parked on the street instead of parking in the mud. The police had no comprehension that this drivers tried to prevent sticking in the mud. Hopefully the next time the weather will be better !
Bernhard Denk


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