Veteran car fair
Wels (26./27.9.98)

wels09.jpg (28810 Byte) On Friday when we built up we also had besides much work a lot of fun because the transport of a refrigerator with a Mini station wagon isn't so simple as one already thinks. Denk Bernhard simply removed the front passenger seat, with the help of his father Walter he transported the piece in the car, couldn't then almost switch or move any more but finally came complete with the refrigerator into Wels. Later Christian and Berni should clothe a shop window doll and Charly and I made to the mechanic "legs" in whom we simply stuffed him. We finally let it snow, too. And ready was our winter landscape with a Mini of the "Austria Ski Team 1970" under which we also put the "haedless" mechanic..
Also Humer Berni built up an own booth and exhibited his Cooper which he just restores.
Unfortunately, German Peter had a little bad luck -- he lost his exhaust, as he drove his car into the exhibition hall.
A new Cooper of Seipl and a Myfair with automatic system were also exhibited next to the cars of Charly and Peter.
On Saturday we met already at 7 hours, completed the remaining on-construction work and for a comfortable breakfast. Already at 8 hours the visitors streamed into the halls and swirled it until the evening.
Beside numerous veterans also Motor-cycles and new cars was to visit, also a unite second-hand parts market..
On Sunday morning Charly, Berni and Klaus were already at 6 hours on the fair. They had a special idea. Opposite of the mini stand were a area where some new cars was put on a big sand mountain. A mini form brought Berni and they did build a mini sand Rally, which was admired by many but primarily by children.  wels7.jpg (8692 Byte)
There were numerous visitors also on this day on the Welser fair. Berni, Charly and Klaus knotted many new contacts and the one or other simply dropped in only for a cup of coffee or for a beer. The Mr. Bean Video attracted many visitors.
Highlight of the day was the sanctify of the fair by a spiritual Maserati driver who went by the halls.
In the early afternoon we then finally dismantled everything again, packed everything and went off home again.

One can retrospectively say that the stand of the mini club had the probably best service on the fair and one of the most beautiful booths also because many of the exhibitors put her vehicles off into Wels on Friday and then saw the whole weekend nobody of them.

Renate Gaisbck


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